Tips to Keep Packed Food Cold This Summer

For millions of families, the coming summer season means activities — and lots of them. From the beach, to the pool, to games, camping, picnics and backyard barbecues, it’s often a mad dash from one adventure to the next with no break in between. Coolers have become the must-have summer accessory for busy families, helping to keep food and drinks cold as they travel from place to place. And under the current economic conditions, more people are relying on coolers to keep their meal costs down.

Of course, not all coolers are created equal. California Innovations has engineered insulated coolers that withstand the rigors of summer. And to help people get the most out of their coolers, they’re offering the following tips:

• Use a high-performance cooler. Arctic Zone IceCOLD coolers use radiant barrier technology to deflect heat from the sun, helping the interior of the cooler stay cold.

• Pack a lot. Don’t be afraid to pack your cooler to the max, because that cuts off the flow of air, which can warm the cooler. The tighter the fit, the less air is able to circulate.

• Keep the cooler in the shade as much as possible. Heat from the sun will warm up your cooler faster. So stick it under a tree or an umbrella to protect it from the sun’s rays.

• Place the cooler on a table or blanket. The ground absorbs heat and transfers it directly to your cooler. Keeping it elevated makes it tougher for the warm air to get in.

• Always keep the cooler closed when not in use. It’s easy to forget, but even a few minutes can make the difference between having ice or water. Using a cooler with zipperless technology makes it easier to open and close quickly.

• Use plenty of ice or ice packs. The more ice you pack, the longer the contents stay cool.

• For faster cooling, add a little extra water to the ice. The water aids in surface conduction, which speeds up the cooling process. However, this method can also cause the ice to melt faster.

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